"Andrea will get to your heart even if she sings in the middle of a boat in the sea. What she does has nothing to do with being in L.A., London, Paris or whatever. It has to do with artistic commitment and love for every note she sings, and that's how great artists act, don't you think?" (IAC.com)

Born and raised in Salem, Oregon, singer/songwriter Andrea Miller's voice has been described as soulful, sensual, hypnotic and endearing. Influenced by Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughan, Eva Cassidy and Stevie Wonder, Andrea is currently heating up the Los Angeles and Orange County music scenes. Her voice can now be heard on the national jazz radio station KJAZZ 88.1.

A member of SAG and ASCAP, Andrea now performs regularly throughout greater Los Angeles and Orange County with her jazz/pop/r&b quartet. Her performances have brought down the house and gained critical acclaim at venues such as The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, The Pasadena Jazz Institute, Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, Langham Hotel Pasadena, The Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills, Nieuport 17, Bayside, 3-Thirty-3 Waterfront, Charlie O's, Regent Beverly Wilshire, Manhattan Steak & Seafood, Jax, Windows Of The World, Chaya Brasserie, The Smokehouse, Cafe Cordiale, Twin Palms, Club Lingerie, The Cat Club, The Opium Den, The Knitting Factory and others, accompanied by some of Southern California's best musicians.

Recently, Andrea had the incredible honor to work with David Foster, Quincy Jones and Alan & Marilyn Bergman when recording the vocal demo for CELINE DION "I Knew I Loved You" at Foster's studio in Malibu. Originally trained in opera at a young age, Andrea won first place in the Oregon State Vocal Competition in the first soprano category when only 14 years old, singing Leonard Bernstein's complete work "I Hate Music". She then went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance from the University of Southern California.

In addition to performing, Andrea keeps busy recording as a session singer. Her voice can be heard on recordings by Disney/Pixar, Samsung, Warner Brothers, EMI, Blacktoast Music, Dimelo Records, Mattel Toys, Windgate Music, Groove Gravy Records, Kriztal Records, Wham-O, Sharkey Productions, YG Entertainment, Delta Entertainment, Mills Trading Company, Sensory Overload Music, Bluewater Music and others.

Constantly inspired by her favorite lyric, �We�re just two lost souls swimmin� in a fish bowl year after year�, Andrea writes and records her own music, as well as co-writes and co-produces.

Andrea has five albums that are available for download on ITunes and all digital download sites - "Soulful Dream", "Imagine", "II By II", "Amazing Grace" and "Alone"...just enter "Andrea Miller" in the search box.


Sang on the soundtrack for "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes"

Sang on the soundtrack for "Star Trek Into Darkness"

Sang vocal demo "I Knew I Loved You" for Celine Dion

Sang on the soundtrack for "John Carter of Mars" - Disney/Pixar

Sang on the soundtrack for "Land of the Lost" - Warner Brothers

Recorded 3 ringtones for Samsung

Recorded & co-wrote "The Sweetest Dream" on album Imagination - Domo Records

Sang all songs on "Tom Fowler Interface" - Forbidden Vegetable Music Co.

Sang all thematic vocals for "Yoga Booty" - Beachbody

Sang on Barbie commercial - Mattel Toys

Recorded songs for various EMI artists

Lead singer on album "ABBA DJ" - Dimelo Records

Lead singer on album "Mixologia" - Dimelo Records

Lead singer on "The Tao of Groove" - Groove Gravy Records

Lead singer on album "Brazil Remixed" - Beatchamber Records

Lead singer on album "Inner Chaos" - Beatchamber Records

Lead singer on album "Alternative Sessions" - Beatchamber Records

Lead singer on album "Daybreak" - Cuate Records

Lead singer on album "The Reindeer Room" - Kriztal Entertainment

Voice of stuffed animal "Betsy Bunny" - Mills Trading Company

Featured singer on album "All About the Children" - Shore Records

Featured singer on album "It's Christmas Time in the City" - Blue Planet Records

Lead singer on album "Daybreak" by Michael Haggins - Cuate Records Co.


"She's very charming, personable and attractive and sings with a lot of emotion". Her delivery is soft and sensual, almost hypnotic. She sings with confidence". (L.A. Jazz Scene)

"Track 5, 'Maybe', brings you to a setting of coming home to a special loved one. Andrea Miller's vocals on this track are magnificent". (Jointz Magazine)

"Listening to her music, it is easy to see why she was honored, her honest, touching lyrics are delivered by her strong, soulful voice in such a divine way that you can't help but be drawn in. After seeing her flawless live performance of the old standard "My Funny Valentine", I realized that this is one artist who deserves all the accolades and awards she gets. Andrea has a captivating quality about her that commands your attention and earns your praise. Andrea is definitely an artist worth listening to." (Indie-Connections.com)

""The Tao of Groove embraces the styles of funk, blues, jazz, soul, latin, and world beats to bring the listener one step closer to nirvana... Andrea Miller delivers a beautiful range of soothing vocals backed by an impeccable arrangement of strings and synths on "Maybe"... don't sleep on this exotic gem." (UCLA Radio)


"Who needs to use a musical instrument when you can produce an amazing sound like Andrea does here with pure vocal harmonies. Sharp and sweet, sassy and smooth, all in an explosive little tinder box of a lady, shooting melodic fireworks into the sky and leaving a trail of brightness in her wake. You think after you've heard it that it couldn't have been a cappella but it was, in true finger clicking Gospel style. If you check out the lyrics you'll find them quite cryptic and ambiguous but from the pen of a poet too. "Find another tree to climb" is a really catchy lyric and jumps out from the song - but then again everything is jumping in this one. If attitude is measured by volume then this one breaks the scales."


"An All time favorite. This I recall was MY first solo when I was very young taking lessons, but NOTHING like how this angelic voice can belt it out...TRULY AMAZING!!" (IAC.com)

"Lord when I look at the Rainbow you have placed in sky so blue, it reminds me that all your promises are true ..." (IAC.com)

"A song heard million times performed in a new and fresh way" (IAC.com)

"Never heard this tune performed better" (IAC.com)

"A beautiful rendition of this classic tune by a bonafida Jazz diva" (IAC.com)


"I'm still shocked to find her on here... I've fallen in love. (Or something very much like it.)" (IAC.com)

"Unswervingly beautiful and perfectly phrased .You'll love it." (IAC.com)


"Say Buddy, do you think that, in this crazy world all mixed up, that a man, ten-thousand miles away from that other city, the one where she lives, where she works day after weary day, carving up the concrete and glass jailhouse of broken dreams, well Mister, do you think a fellah stands a chance of getting through to that woman? And making her fall in love all over again and patch things up maybe, and start all over? Mister, when you play this song for me, I believe. I believe it is possible and that, gall darnit, things will work out just fine." (IAC.com)


"HELL YES!!! Alright, this is awesome. I may be biased, because I love this song, but this stands HEAD AND SHOULDERS above the rest. Wow. HOT." (IAC.com)


"Beautiful work again by this outstanding artist. This moves me so much and in a time when things are sad I am reminded of the beauty and positivity of creativity and in what a sweet sadness there is in loss if we truly loved." (IAC.com)

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